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Let's Talk About AI
·403 words·2 mins
rant thoughts


My Workflow
·728 words·4 mins
Ask Me Anything
·30 words·1 min
Manage multiple git accounts
·323 words·2 mins
opinions WIP
Introduction to PHP Enums
·621 words·3 mins
PHP php programming webdev
Use 2FA Everywhere
·833 words·4 mins
cybersecurity security
How to Stay Hidden on Internet
·713 words·4 mins
security privacy tips


Uploading Files With Cake Php and Fileupload Plugin
·1136 words·6 mins
PHP php CakePHP fileupload
Add Vpn With Powershell
·90 words·1 min
snippets powershell windows
Sending Strings as Files with CakePHP server response
·77 words·1 min
PHP Back End CakePHP php
My Selfhosting Workflow
·823 words·4 mins
linux WIP
Notes on Selfhosted Services
·414 words·2 mins
Installing Cloud Hosted Router on Cloud
·506 words·3 mins
Administration cloud networking WIP
How to Install Virtualbox on Elementary OS Odin
·131 words·1 min
linux virtualization tutorial
종료 코드 오버컬 전송
·195 words·1 min
linux administration notification monitoring korean article
Sending Exit Code Over Curl
·272 words·2 mins
linux administration notification monitoring
Docker Development Environment With Windows Pt 1
·1118 words·6 mins
windows docker tutorials WIP
Docker Volume on NFS?
·367 words·2 mins
docker linux WIP
Moving to Github
·228 words·2 mins
talks 100DaysToOffload
How to Host Static Websites With Amazon S3 and Cloudflare
·754 words·4 mins