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About Me

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Hi, I’m May. I’m in a technical support position and I’m interested in cybersecurity and programming.

I know some of you don’t like when they talk with an avatar and not a “real person”, but my name is really one of a kind and I don’t like to give it on the internet. This is the name of my in-game avatar so people who needs to know my real name know it.

Why I’m don’t using real name on internet?>

Why I’m don’t using real name on internet? #

I tried but then reverted it. As I said above my name is pretty unique (maybe it was mistyped a long time ago) but when I had my name outside on the internet anyone in the world who tried to google it find very (for me) private information. It’s different when you try to google common names and you receive a bunch of information from many different people.

Professional skills>

Professional skills #

Not all of the following I’m using on daily basis, but I used everything of following at least once on some projects or at work. I activelly skills that are marked with strong text.

  • Application Deployment: Docker
  • Application Development: PHP, C#, Java and other languages
  • Datastore Deployment and Management: MySQl, Postgres, Redis, MS SQL
  • Email Servers Deployment/Management: Office 365, Microsoft Exchange server
  • Hosting Providers: Hetzner, Digital ocean and other
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Network Configuration & Security: Mikrotik, ZyXEL, HP and other
  • Antivirus Deployment and Management: Eset Protect
  • Company Management: Microsoft Active Directory
  • DNS management and configuration: Bind9, CloudFlare and more
  • VPN configuration/management: Mikrotik, Linux, ZyXEL USG
  • Team Communication / Chat Ops: Mattermost