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My Selfhosting Workflow
·823 words·4 mins
linux WIP
Notes on Selfhosted Services
·414 words·2 mins
How to Install Virtualbox on Elementary OS Odin
·131 words·1 min
linux virtualization tutorial
종료 코드 오버컬 전송
·195 words·1 min
linux administration notification monitoring korean article
Sending Exit Code Over Curl
·272 words·2 mins
linux administration notification monitoring
Docker Volume on NFS?
·367 words·2 mins
docker linux WIP
How to Install and Configure Samba
·452 words·3 mins
Administration notes guide wiki file sharing linux windows
Xfce Terminal Color Emoji
·133 words·1 min
tutorial linux xfce 100DaysToOffload


Quick Note on Minio Users
·128 words·1 min
notes linux wiki
Settig Up SSH Keys for Ubuntu
·711 words·4 mins
linux ubuntu security tutorials
Initial Server Setup on Cloud Services
·415 words·2 mins
Administration Fundamentals linux ubunutu tutorial