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💕 Supporting

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Hello friend!

If you enjoying content what I creating you can buy me some pizza or coffee at

Alternative ways to support>

Alternative ways to support #

Or you can support me on monthly basis on

As addition to patreon support you can earn some exclusive bonuses like

  • special role on my Discord channel
  • access to files realted to my blog posts such as full scripts or configuration files.

Referal links #

One more way to support me is trough referals.

  • Fastmail gives you 10% off from your 1st year subscription.
  • Hetzner gives you €20 in your cloud credits. I’ll receive €10 when you smed at least €10 of your own.
  • DigitalOceam gives you $100 credit over 60 days. When you spend $25 I’ll receive $25 too.
Can I support you without spending money?>

Can I support you without spending money? #

Yes you can! Check my GitHub profile. You can help me fix my code bugs, update documentation or just if you find something you like share it with your friends.

Do you have ideas or suggestions? It can help too. Just send me a message.

Thank you! 💕