Here some of crazy ideas I work on in at my spare time. More of them you can find on my GitHub.

🐘 PHP Libraries & Standalone projects


  • Excel importer - Simple and extendable library for loading data from Excel files (.xlsx) into objects.

🎂 CakePHP Libraries and CakePHP based Apps


Starter Kit

  • CakePHP Starter Kit - Docker based Starter Kit for developing CakePHP applications, It contains CakePHP 4, PHP8, Redis, PostgreSQL, Minio

PHP Apps Development

  • PHP SDK - PHP SDK Docker image based on PHP 8.1
  • PHP Runtime - PHP runtime Docker image based on PHP 8.1

Meow PHP Libraries

Project homepage:


  • DI - Dependency injection container for PHP
  • Routing - Extendable Router that usses Attributes to define routes to methods
  • Hydrator - An Hydrator class that can be used for filling object from array and extracting data from objects back to arrays.

🟪 C# Libraries


📦 More porjects (complete solutions)

  • Register of legal entities over API using opensource database

    • Used Technologies: PHP, HTML, PostgreSQL
    • Timespan: April 2022 - present
  • System for disclosure invoices and other documents based on the local transparency law

    • Used technologies: PHP, Mysql, HTML
    • Timespan: October 2021 - present
  • Management of letter shipments and parcels

    • Used Technologies: PHP (backend), HTML, PostgreSQL, Javascript (fronted)
    • Timespan: August 2019 - December 2019

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