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How to Stay Hidden on Internet

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I write this post in react of last days happening. Even today, you can’t be sure you have free access to information, there are countries that deliberately block access to some sites that do not suit them. There are some practices how to bypass those blocks. You maybe heard about VPN’s and TOR but you know what you can and cant do there? TOR is here for make you hidden on online services but as on classic internet you can find bad guys here aswell.

Maybe in your country is asscess to tor blocked but there is way to connect, or you can use VPN and then connect to tor. Some VPNs can use obsfucated servers to be able to bypass VPN blocking. I recommend this way to connect to TOR so even you provider doesn’t know you are connecting to TOR network.

How to choose good VPN provider?>

How to choose good VPN provider? #

  • Do not use Free VPN services that you can find a very few informations about - there isn’t something like “free” and even if you don’t need to pay with money you will with something else, e.g. informations on what pages you are connecting to, with slow connection speed, limited data transfer and more.
  • Find vpn with “No log policy” - Perhaps they are logging informations as when you logged in and logged out and maybe IP address, but what is important they don’t logging informations on what addresses you are connecting to.
How to TOR?>

How to TOR? #

Now when you have VPN provider you can connect to TOR. There are few ways how to do this. You can download TOR borwser and install it on you computer or you can use virtual machine with specialized operating system.

Easier way is the first one, and you can install browser on your phone, windows or linux computer. Irecomend you not to use Windows when connecting to tor becouse without good antivirus Windows is most prone to virus infections. I recomend you to use latter way. I will not write here tutorial how to do this, just few steps:

There are more OS for examble Qubes which is no1 in my opinion but is harder to use.

  • After download you will have file with .ova extension. This is backup of virtual computer(s). Import it! (I recommend you to read VirtualBox manual). This will create 2 coputers for you. WOrkstation and Gateway.
  • Connect to VPN on you computer.
  • Then go to VirutalBox and Run both coputers in following way 1. Gateway (accept license and connect it). 2. Run Workstation.

In your workstation open web browser and navigate to You want to see something like Congratulations you are using TOR network. And now a little bit about how to stay secure.

How to stay secure in TOR network?>

How to stay secure in TOR network? #

  • Disable Javascripts - many pages there can be used to deliver malware to your computer. Whoonix is linux based coputer but you cant be 100% sure.
  • DO NOT enter you creditcards information on any site and do not pay that way for anything there.
  • DO NOT login on sites with facebook, google and more.
  • DO NOT download any dumps or leaks, it’s can be tempting but at the end you can make you computer compromited which can be later used for illegal activities.
Do you want to be Hidden on tor?>

Do you want to be Hidden on tor? #

❗ If you want to be hidden while using TOR you have to follow a few procedures like to not connect to you personall accounts e.g. email, facebook, twitter and more. Firstly i wanted to write a bit more about it but when people thinks they are hidden, they are tempted to do things that are not so legal, and when you dont know that are you doing you can harm yourself or others. So i closing this post with this.

Stay safe and use TOR wisely. 👋

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash