I don’t know. After the last few weeks, I still feel that a lot of people don’t care about cybersecurity. Most people are more concerned about privacy, but security is the 2nd rail.

Companies trying to look perfect, having the latest furniture, new buildings, but still using a lot of old hardware that is no longer maintained and no longer secure.

People buying expensive things, everyone talking about privacy. A lot of people moving away from big companies and wanting to give their personal data to someone who is privacy friendly, even if those providers are often individuals who have their servers in the basement.

Many left Twitter for Mastodon when Elon Musk bought it. They created an account on any instance they found on the Internet without knowing who the administrator of that instance was. How can you be sure that those admins are not reading your private messages (which are stored unencrypted on the server)?

Or do you use email hosters because they claim to be privacy friendly and cheap? But in many cases they lack security mechanisms like two-factor or passkeys are far from being implemented, or they use unencrypted email protocols and more.

I once asked a provider in our country if they supported email authentication protocols (DKIM) because I wanted to set this up for a client. And the answer surprised me: “What do you need it for? We do not support it. People don’t know what it is…” Make the image yourself.

Think twice before you take that step. I think privacy is important, but I also think that many people know that and in the last years privacy has become one of the best advertisements.