This is Work In Progress #WIP post. That means it may contain errors, and probably contains them.

Why quick review?

I just want to target thing that I like or bother me. If you want to read full review you can just google, there are a ton fo those stuff related to S21 Ultra.

Why im on android?

First of all why I’m on android. I like android more than iOS becouse of its openess. You dont need install any other software if you want to copy files between your device and PC. My main computer is Windows PC and with latest android i can run application from phone on my PC, I can copy files (drag&drop) wirelessly, write SMS messages or make Phone calls just from my PC. Copy & paste between my devices works flawlessly.

Another awesome feature is Work profile - you have separate application for work and personal apps. Doesn’t matter if they are the same or different. For example you can have Outlook for your personal microsoft account and then one with briefcaes icon next to it which is used for your work. Company can delete data only from work profile and can’t demmand rules on personal apps trought mobile device management (MDM) like intune - just apps in work profile.

In my opinion is importatnt to differentiate personal and work life. And novadays, when is “homework” a term, many people forgetting on it and they are working from sunrise to sunset and work profile on phone can help a little bit. Did you know you can tunr off work profile? Yes, and then you wont receive notification from work related apps.

256GB version

I have S21 Ultra in 256GB version and still have maybe 100GB free space, most of this sapace takes my photos (they are already backed up on Google photos with 2TB plan i share with my family), next there are some games and many apps :D (yes my phone is a mess - little bit).

What I like on my S21?

Display is one of best I ever seen on phone (and I had many phones), If you like display on Iphone 12 pro max, know this one is few levels ahead.

One UI is in my opinion one of best android customizaiton you can ever see on on android phones novadays. It is clean, and simple, icons on launcher are homogenized - you dont have many differen shapes - just one: square with rounded corners (which i like more than circle on clean android).

Ecosystem S21 ultra can communicate with other devices (like iPhones does). You can have tablets, smartwatches, traking tags, headphones and more. (Yes you can use this with other phones but for exmaple If you have Galaxy watch you will miss some features that works on ly when you phone is Samsung)

I don’t think Apple ecosystem is much better than Samsung one’s, you just need to use right devides together.

What i don’t like (and why I thinking about switch to Apple)

Android has some glitches like ocassionally lags, disconnecting watches (when I connect phone to my car bluetooth), Apple on other side has their own too.

There is just one that really annoys me: in-display fingerprint reader. I still don’t understand why so many people hate Apple’s FaceID and they want fingerprint reader (same how I don’t understand why many people in 2022 still giving missing 3,5mm jack and microsd card slots into cons - why you need more than 512GB in your phone?… ok back to theme)

Yes its look cool - you just touch you display an it is - yes, when it is works. Everbody will tell you how better are fingerpint readers than FaceID, you can unlock your phone with face mask and with FaceID no (it’s no more true - FaceID now support unlock your phone while wearing mask). But what about reliability of under-display fingerprint readers? And thats it… Reliability is getting worse when you have screen protector (even when manufacturer tells you its screen protector supports fingerprint readers), you finders are too cold, too hot, too wet or too dry, you have scratches on you finger, vstal z postelesomeone on other side of earth got up from bed with left feet…

It usually happens to me that I cant get the phone unlocked unlocked with mi fingerprints, after its ask for pin, I enter it, and lock my phone right after it, next I try my fingerprints its working. This is really annoing me. It does’nt matter if you just tap or hold your finger on reader its just works only it is in good mood :D. I hate this really much.

I’ve never had any problems with FaceID, it is still works like a charm and when I look back fingerprint readers under display or on phone’s back was much more reliable than current fingerprint reader in my S21. Yes it’s loook better when you have display on all front of your phone and when you don’t have awful cutout in you phone case for reader (i had Oneplus 6) but it did not convince me, in my opinion standard fingerprint readers was better. In-display fingerprint readers just need more time to catch all bugs to becom as good as standard ones.

At the end

What are your experiences with in-display fingerprint readers? Did you switch from Android to iOS or otherwise? If yes then why?