Ok when you need to configure vpn on more PC is easier to do this with powershell than with mouse clicking … Here it is example for L2TP oveer IPSec.

Add-VpnConnection -Name "<vpn-name>" -ServerAddress "<address-to-your-server>" -TunnelType "L2tp" -AuthenticationMethod Chap,MSChapv2,Pap -L2tpPsk "<your-psk>"

or create script for it so you don’t need to remmer all that options.

# add-l2tp.ps1
param($name, $server, $psk)

Add-VpnConnection -Name $name -ServerAddress $server -TunnelType "L2tp" -AuthenticationMethod Chap,MSChapv2,Pap -L2tpPsk $psk

Then all what you need to do is call your script:

.\add-l2tp.ps1 -name "My VPN" -server "vpnserver.example.com" -psk "mySu9erS3cr3tPSK"