Hi! Yes, ts true i started to slowly move my repositories to Github. I still selfhosting Gitlab but i thought about switching back if you want know more you can read Why I Am Thinking About Stop Selfhosting Gitlab. Ok i was skeptical when Microsoft aquired Github but now i thinks it was best thing that could happen to Github. They Adding new features like actions, codespaces, packages, docker image hosting. They made subscription cheaper, added private repositories for teams for free and many more.

Windows now support Wsl2 and docker for desktop is finally usable and fast (imo). Visual studio Code is one of the best code editor (if not the best) imo, there are nice community around it and you can find many good extensions, and when you pairing it with support docker - Remote development extension you can have your developemnt environment anywhere on any device you run windows 10, macOs or Linux.

Added benefit for Windows and MacOS is GitHub desktop client. You can clone and open any project from Github on Vscode with just few clicks. Same is for commit and push. And thats why im switching back to Github. Wat do you think? Do you like Github or Gitlab more?

PS: If you like mobile applications, GitHub has one official which is really nice, so check it.

Thanks for reading! Peace ✌