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❗ I cannot be held liable for any damage to your systems, data, or anything else as a result of the posts I create on this blog. The processes I describe within my posts are provided as-is with no warranty whatsoever.

This is my personal website. The opinions you can found here are my own and not those of my empoyer.

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I mostly write technical posts on this blog. All of which describe processes that hve worked for me at the time of writig, but if I find and error I will post an update.

My technical posts are generally not the only way to achieve a goal, they may not even be the correct way to do so. They are nothing more than a document which describes how I personally scratched a technical itch, or overcame a problem I was facing.

All of my posts assume a certain level of technical ability. If you’re not comfortable in the command line of an operating system, my posts probably aren’t for you.

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